To succeed is the dream of any entrepreneur venturing online or offline. In fact, every person has an urge and determination to achieve better results than the rest. You too are not an exception.

However, success comes with the ability to stand out from the crowd and being counted. When it comes to the virtual ground, a splendid domain extension is the first step. Nevertheless, more than a million extensions are on offer in the market. This can be confusing. To help you in selecting a domain name extension that will help you to stand out, here are some tips:

a. Go for niche domains

Birds of the same feather flock together. This phrase is not new to you. Though it was a favorite proverb in English lessons, it is essential in all walks of life. But what is the connection between the website and birds? This is not memes about birds. What this phrase means is that if you want to succeed, you must align yourself with the developments of your industry.

Well, in this era, developers are coming up with domain extensions specified for specific niches. Instead of using a dot-com extension and your business is offering photography services, you can go for .photography domains extensions.

With this extension, you do not need to convince your audience about the services you provide. As such, it eases your marketing activities and helps you to stand out.

b. Seek the trend extension

Every person loves being on trend. People will always copy the trending fashion, phones, dishes, and electronics. In the internet world, nothing changes. Most audience will favor sites sounding unique. One way of achieving this is anchoring a trendy domain extension on your website. Currently, .xyz a domain extension by Google is the newest in the market.

Even though, spammers are also quick in adopting new extensions, having a domain name associated with it is not a bad idea. All in all, you want to appear unique and trendy which in turn will attract a large following. And who knows, this might be the key to a breakthrough in your business. But, it is also important that you do not forget to check the availability of your domain, you might haven’t been the only one that came up with that idea.

c. If you are dealing with tech accessories, go for .io domain

Did you know? io domain extension is prevalent in the tech niche? .io is a ccTLDs for British Indian Ocean Territory. However, IO is a common term in the computing field where it is used to mean Input/Output. For this reason, tech gurus find this domain a perfect choice for their area as it describes what the computers do. Hence, if this is your niche, going for .io extension is a good idea.

Remember, aligning yourself with your industry or area of business offers you an opportunity to attract more customers, earn their trust and confidence. So, if you want to standout when selling tech products online, it is advisable to go for the .io domain names.

d. Use .com extensions when targeting global audience

Even with the rise of new domain extensions, .com remains the voice of the internet. For this reason, if you are seeking to serve the international audience, it is advisable to use a .com domain.


Unlike other domains, .com is not restricted to a particular demographic or geographic location. Also, if you change your mind in future and move to another business, all you will need is to improve the content on your site. This would be somehow hard mainly when you are using a niche-bound extension.

Also, .com is the parameter which other extensions measure their competitiveness. So, it gives an opportunity to compete with other brands across the world creating a higher playground for your business.

And those are the splendid domain extensions to make your website stand out.